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Kuné is a musical journey that takes listeners on a trip around the world...

KUNÉ – Meet the Band


Short Bio

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra – explores and celebrates Canada’s cultural diversity through the shared language of music. The eleven musicians hail from all corners of the globe—from Peru, Burkina Faso, China, Iran and beyond—and, together, create a sound that is at once global and uniquely local.

Long Bio

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra – was developed from a major initiative by The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to explore and celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity and pluralism. The ensemble seeks to communicate in ways that words, politicians, and spiritual leaders cannot, and help to find a common language through music. KUNÉ (which means “together” in Esperanto) released their debut Album on Universal Music Canada in April 2018 and will embark on their first US tour in the 19-20 Season.

The musicians hail from all corners of the globe—from Peru, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ukraine, and beyond—and are now living in the Toronto area. The eleven musicians of KUNÉ play instruments as diverse as they are, from the tar of Iran to the bouzouki of Greece to the sitar of Pakistan. Over the course of 2017 the ensemble shared each other’s cultures and musical traditions as they rehearsed, composed, and gave workshops and community concerts. 

The ensemble was conceived by Mervon Mehta, Executive Director of Performing Arts at The Royal Conservatory of Music who produced the project in partnership with Aga Khan Museum, Batuki Music Society, CBC Music, Diaspora Genius, Lula Music and Arts Centre, Small World Music, York University Department of Music, and 918 Bathurst Centre. Originally known as the New Canadian Global Music Orchestra, the ensemble launched in Koerner Hall in June 2017 and toured Canada with stops in Ottawa, Calgary, London, Guelph, and Montréal.

Performers & Instrumentation

Aline Morales, congas, pandeiro, alfaia & zabumba
Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk, violin & viola
Anwar Khurshid, sitar
Demetri Petsalakis, lyra, guitar & oud
Dora Wang, dizi, xiao & alto flute
Lasso, djembe, n’goni, peul flute & tama
Luis Deniz, alto saxophone
Matias Recharte, drum, cajón & percussion
Paco Luviano, double bass & electric bass
Padideh Ahrarnejad, tar
Selcuk Suna, clarinet & tenor saxophone


Listen to “KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra (2018)” album below. Use the “Download” button beside each track to download high quality MP3’s. Tracks can be used for promotional purposes only.


“An absolute joy to host, Kuné lends a whole new meaning to the word “harmony” – the ensemble is a masterful collective of engaging, respectful, and brilliantly talented musicians coming together to share and revel in one another’s life journeys. As a Canadian, my first reaction is to claim such welcoming, enthusiastic openness as the best of what can happen in my country, but in truth, it is deeply universal. Kuné is at once beguilingly unique and universally engaging.” - Brian Findlay, Westben


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