"We have built an ensemble that sounds like Toronto,
that sounds like Canada"

- Mervon Mehta, Executive Director, Performing Arts

Kuné means “together” in Esperanto. The Royal Conservatory of Music created KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra as a celebration of our country’s cultural diversity and pluralism. We auditioned 150 newcomers to Canada and were overwhelmed with the talent that we heard. We chose 13 virtuoso musicians - 12 from abroad who had each chosen to start a new life here, and one Métis Canadian whose ancestors have been here for centuries. The ensemble came together in December 2016 and, under the artistic direction of David Buchbinder, began the journey to create a band that looks and sounds like Canada today. Through writing, rehearsals, cultural exploration, and touring together, the members of KUNÉ have formed a sound that is, at once, global and uniquely local. They illustrate what is possible when we listen to each other and play together.

Visit the Royal Conservatory of Music's KUNÉ webpage here.