Padideh Ahrarnejad

Padideh Ahrarnejad; Photo - Nicola Betts; DSC_9406.JPG

Padideh Ahrarnejad started playing tar with Behrouz Hemati, Hossein Alizadeh, and Hooshang Zarif in her native Iran. She graduated from Tehran Art Music School, completed her studies at the Art University of Tehran, and was named the best tar player at Fadjr Music Festival in Iran several times. She was a member of Iran’s Radio and Television Orchestra and Iran National Music Orchestra, and performed in Austria, China, Cuba, Germany, Kuwait, Switzerland, and at the Rumi Festival in Norway. She was a tar soloist with the Simorq Orchestra (Simorq project conducted by Hooman Khalatbari, composed by Hamid Motebassem, and vocals by Homayoun Shajarian). She was also one of the soloists on many albums released in Iran, including Honarmandan-e Javan, under the supervision of acclaimed Iranian composer Hossein Alizâdeh, as well as on Gery-e Bi Bahane, Be Yad-e Khoram, Gahi Se Gahi, and To Kisti.