Paco Luviano

Paco Luviano; Photo - Nicola Betts; DSC_9316.JPG

Paco Luviano hails from a family of musicians from Acapulco, México. In his mid-teens, he began recording with his father, the legendary Macario Luviano. He has been frequently called on for global and hybrid music projects, and has recorded dozens of albums with international artists. He has also toured internationally with such acclaimed artists as Hilario Durán, Jane Bunnett, and the Shuffle Demons. In 2010, Paco participated in a cultural musical exchange to Colombia, collaborating with the group Las Alegres Ambulancias, whose members comprise the last remaining, independent Maroon community in San Basilio de Palenque, the city and people declared Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Paco also travelled to Italy, Portugal, and Malta with the Dominic Mancuso Group. The group was mandated to “interrogate preconceived notions of heritage, identity, and migration.”